December 8th - Pixi

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OK so I'm noticing a bit of a pattern here: de stress oil, wrinkle mask, eye lift, glow tonic....Liberty, are you saying I look tired? Just wait til later this month, babes. I'll be full on haggard by then! Anyway this is perfectly nice and I like this product very much but it's familiarity paired with it's slightly gross function (EATING dead cells of your faaaaace) leave me yearning for something more festive. My Christmas wish is some fancy makeup tomorrow...


When vegan brand Pixi teamed up with Queen & fellow cat lady Caroline Hirons in January last year on their double cleanse, no M&S was safe. I raced around London like Penelope Pitstop if she was more shouty/sweary, & when I finally got my hungry hands on one (it took frickin ages they sold out eeeeverywhere) I was hooked. A convert. If you’ll humour me…..a manic Pixi dream girl.

This Glow Tonic is exciting, and not just because I always find a slight macabre pleasure in applying ACID to my face. But also because of the same (manic Pixi) dream I had while in pursuit of that cleanser on the A406: that it will edge me toward having a complexion anywhere near Dame St Caroline’s. 🙏🏻

Rebecca Humphries