December 7th - Laura Mercier

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If Laura Mercier was a film actress she’d be Julie Andrews. That is to say, I love her, she does a sterling job, but she hardly screams ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’. 

And a setting powder, I mean. That’s Maria Von Trapp levels of bland and wholesome.* It’s a very good setting powder, in fact it’s been the powder most used by make up artists whenever I’ve worked in tv. I’d have just preferred something with a bit more pizazz in the lead up to Christmas. More Liza. Oooh what brand is Liza? Maybe MAC! And Bette Midler is Benefit! I’ve cheered myself up with this game. 

*Incidentally the Sound of Music is my favourite film and I’m not slagging it off, my point is that I’ve never felt like getting my leg over while watching it. In the same way I have never felt the horn powdering my face the way I would, say, a fat smudgy eyeliner.


I'm going to barge in - as much as I can barge in, for I am still very weak - and say this is fantastic. OK, setting powder is not the main event of putting a face on, but I use it every day and this is the best of the best, right? It's dinky but that little pot is full to the brim, baby and is served 'avec son velvety pouffe'. So luxe, so chic, so french...Honestly, this is so much nicer than my current setting powder: I've been rescued from Willesden and whisked to Paris, taken for oysters at a classic brasserie, a trolley dash around Galleries Lafayette then pelted with Macarons. This ain't no French Pharmacy. (Disclaimer: I am on allot of Lemsip).


I have just read Claire’s review and realise I sound like the most waspy, fag-ash drag queen. Well, so be it *whisks cape around and wobbly struts off*

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Rebecca Humphries