December 6th - Votary

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I know people's ailments are very boring but I'm afraid I must tell you I have a monstrous cold. I email work very early with my excuses and limp downstairs to prepare a lemsip and open my Liberteeeeee. Bloody hell it's heavy my poor weak wrists! Oh this is lovely, just what the doctor ordered. And a big full pot (street value £65.00) for my poor ill visage. I absolute love a thick old school cream, oof. I layer it over my trusty Una Brennan facial oil and wait for wellness to return. 


She’s a heavy girl today. Do I sense a full size product? Too right I do! A Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream encased in jade green glass remeniscent of that big crystal ball the Witch has in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I sniff. It smells familiar. I look at the label. It’s fragrance free.

So to the slapping. It’s quite thick, it reminds me of the harder bits of yoghurt you get on the lid. Applying it is pretty rigorous, it takes a while to blend in. Also it does smell of something and that something is school rubbers.

Was literally just about to write that it’s not too exciting when I realised I’ve been stroking my face with one hand the entire time writing this. Skin feels slightly tighter and not in an allergy way, in a ‘maybe I’m reversing time’ way. I quite like this Wizard of Oz school rubber-y yoghurt.

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Rebecca Humphries