December 5th - Skin Laundry

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Well Liberty. You pulled a blinder in letting our expectations crumble with Dermalogica it would seem, you sly fox. The only way was up, and here we are flying high 4 days later with Skin Laundry’s Wrinkle Release sheet mask.

It wasn’t met with an entirely pure euphoria, having just purchased two Skin Laundry sheet masks only yesterday as next week I have a, shall we say, ‘social engagement that I plan on looking nice for 😏’ and have, shall we say, ‘smoked ten thousand fags in the past month 😐’.

I adore Skin Laundry. I believe their hydrating facial treatment to be the best on the market. I bloody love a sheet mask, but they can sometimes feel pointless; where the ritual itself is always fun the results often aren’t clear, you know? But this brand I swear has done a total 180 on my face in under 20 minutes, it’s magic. Like in ‘The Sword in the Stone’ where Mad Madam Mimm (me) transforms herself into a sexy lady (the REAL me).

Looking forward to the social engagement all the more, and all thanks to Liberty.


A sheet mask! I’ve tried sheet masks and my verdict on the whole is that they are slimy and cold and only good for scaring my housemates. I’ve only ever tried cheapo ones though, so maybe the posh ones will be different? This one I couldn’t try before work, as I am a chronic morning rusher. Imagine being together enough to do a sheet mask before work! That would all be a bit American Psycho, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I’m babbling: I am excited to try this, and unfamiliar with the ‘Skin Laundry’ brand. I wonder if they do a mangle? It’s my office Christmas lunch today, so perhaps I will try it later in a port gravy stupor.


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Rebecca Humphries