December 4th - Hair by Sam McKnight

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A hair product this morning, and one I’m very happy to receive: A Texturizing Spray by Sam McKnight called ‘Cool Girl’, meant to give you insouciant frenchy bohemian sex locks. I have very straight limp Snape hair, so this is right up my boulevard. I’ve schpritzed a bit onto day old hair I’ve just waved with my straighteners and very nice it all looks, I must say. At £25 a full can, I’m not sure it’s life changing enough though. I rub a bit more De Stress oil from yesterday into my hands and now recognise that it smells exactly of insect repellent of citronella candles. Make of that what you will. Will be peeking out from underneath my cool girl hair all day, thanks Liberty!  


Apologies beauty fans for the late post. I got in at 4am last night (legs still glistening from the Susanne Kauffman oil = ✅) because apparently I’m now a legend and not even the lure of Day 4, or the cat walking across my face, could rouse me.

But omg. OMG. It could be the residual Bombay Sapphire in my system but I could cry with delight at the discovery of a Hair by Sam McKnight texture mist. And it’s called ‘Cool Girl’! Like I am now, going out on a Monday night!

My hair is my thing, the source of all my powers, and any opportunity to road test a new thing that will make it BIG and IMPRESSIVE is my idea of a good time.

And that packaging is oh. so. beautiful in its millennial mauve-ness. If this goes well I might have to have a word with Santa for a full size.

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Rebecca Humphries