December 3rd - Susanne Kaufmann

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Home from Amsterdam and can report that my difficulties with Trish McEvoy seemed to arise from a weekend’s worth of #amsterdamlife rendering my face entirely devoid of moisture. Not really Trish’s fault. Happy to report that since I’ve been back & managed to hydrate, I’ve given it another go and it’s much better. Less tippex-y.

I open the doors. Today’s box is weighty! I reach in. It’s made of glass! It’s a small phial and it contains yellow liquid and it’s…’s……


*Rebecca transforms into the big red Jafar Genie from the end of ‘Aladdin’, lets out a euphoric roar*

I’ve coveted Susanne Kaufmann for years, and will regularly be found sniffing bottles at the concessions stand in Liberty. And now I own the ‘De-Stress Body Oil’, the fact of which has considerably de-stressed me already so what we have here is a triumph.

Smells gorgeous too. This is more like it!


The first weekday morning of December, so I stagger up to the calendar and open this one in the dark before work. Perhaps anticipating my whiney sense of harassment and injustice, Liberty has gifted me a ‘De Stress’ body oil. Don’t recognise the brand but I’m not yet fully synapsing to be fair. Am amused at the thought of Andy Kaufman making aromatherapy oils. I googled him on the way to work and a conspiracy theory that he is still alive is quite popular so WHO KNOWS?? Mebbe it him. Oh it smells looooovely. I feel better now. I mix a few drops in with my body lotion and feel very cossetted – not a go-to word I use in the mornings. Top smash, guys. Loved the Trish McEvoy btw, but I am very pale. Hm. TWO MORE WEEKS TILL ANNUAL LEAVE!!!!!

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Rebecca Humphries