December 2nd - Trish McEvoy

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Liberty went for an opener that managed my expectations, shall we say, so today I was really hoping for the 'little gasp' factor. My little hot hand pulled away the gold stuff to reveal a Trish McEvoy FULL size eye instant eye lift. It's a peachy colour corrector for you and your eyebags, with added skincare so it's not just stucco. (Dame) Sali Hughes has written about this as a brilliant thing so it is likely to be a delight.This will come in very useful for the oncoming Rioja and Pringles slurry that is December. Merci Liberty! P.S. The Dermalogica face wash was used yesterday and is perfectly nice. 


I awake with optimism, cheeks still slightly stinging from the light slap in the face that was yesterday’s offering. Also, from the Dermalogica cleanser itself, which seems to have ‘cleansed’ all of the natural oil from the surface of my face. Great as an acne prone teen, but not for adult Rebecca it seems. The death toll of the gym bag begins to sound. In it goes, destined for emergencies only.

Today - a Trish McEvoy ‘Instant Eye Lift’ i.e. Trish McEvoy’s Touche Éclat. This is excellent, as it’s the end of my Amsterdam trip and my already INCESSANT eye bags are currently at their most plump and purple.

First impression - it’s for the extremely light of skin. A bold move, no?

Secdondly it’s bloody thick. Like, requires actual force to blend. I’m not instantly convinced, Trish babes, everything feels a bit ‘tippex’. Well, perhaps it has staying power, which is an area Touche Eclat falls short in. Hmmmm we’ll see.

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Rebecca Humphries