December 24th - Diptique

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Calloo callay my dudes, it’s FINALLY Diptyque candle day! My limp little hands anticipating this weighty cardboard drawer with zeal. I love Diptyque and all its Po faced French snootiness with all my heart. I also absolutely love a fig fragrance and these guys are the figgiest. I am at my inlaws which is very much Yankee candle country, this ones for my boudoir (which by the way directly translates as ‘room to sulk in’ which is the frenchest thing ever, non?) Vive la France, vive le figuier et JOYEUX NOEL!!!!!


Diptyque get everything right. Packaging, fragrance, sheer aspirational quality of the thing. I received a gift of one of their big flowerpot candles with five wicks once and remember simultaneously thinking ‘I’m so happy and ‘Who the HELL do you think you are Rebecca?’. Diptyque has managed to retain its air of sensuality and mystery where Jo Malone (the counterpart in terms of price & monochrome branding) has failed. My Aunties & mum cottoned on to Jo a few years ago and now go and get the weird hand massages on girly prosecco-y afternoons. Diptyque would never allow it, Diptyque has a martini alone and doesn’t let anyone touch them. I

’d like to take this opportunity to also say that I’m at mum’s for Christmas and she has all of the Aldi Jo Malone knock offs in Pear & Freesia - hand wash, lotion, candle - and I can confirm they smell exactly the same *coughcoughdiptyquewouldneverallowit*.

That said, my candle wasn’t wrapped in its usual cellophane, is this the same for everyone? Concerned Liberty are just shoving in ones people have returned. Not a huge problem, only if this has happened to you make sure you use it soon or the scent will fade. Truth.

It’s Christmas Eve wtf?!

I don’t have a proper picture, I’m at my mum’s it’s Christmas and I’m too busy

I don’t have a proper picture, I’m at my mum’s it’s Christmas and I’m too busy

Rebecca Humphries