December 22nd - Surratt

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Went to type up the usual snarkfest this morning, then opted to instead come fresh faced and clean #aboutlastnight.
After an evening spent with both one of my most hilarious/deliciously candid friends & Mary Poppins I was walking on air. High as a kite, you might say.
It was around 11:30pm in the Kilburn area that I was struck with a sudden & profound case of melancholia. As though anxiety had dropped on me like an Acme anvil in Looney Tunes Cartoons. ‘Where will I go, what will become of me, how did this happen, what about Winston….’ 
I wandered back to the empty house, fretting and panicking and crying in the rain.
‘Fuck it’ I thought, unlocking the door. ‘I’m opening tomorrow’s drawer’. And I did. It was a Surratt lipstick, thin and French as a Vogue cigarette. And I went upstairs and coloured my lips in all alone, taking great pleasure in using the little matte puff at the end and inspecting from every angle. I wasn’t convinced it was quite my shade, but it didn’t matter. I then took it all off with the Sunday Riley cleanser I’d bought mum for Christmas.
Last night I went to sleep feeling better. I had momentarily forgotten troubles by diving in to my hobby and utilising its power of resuscitation. So much flack the beauty industry gets, but last night that calendar & Space NK sorted me right out. 
I tell you this because it’s The Trowel all over. 
Follow that Claire. (sorry)


So neither of us has stuck to the advent rules and I'll bet you anything we're not alone. Who hasn't balled in drunk and eaten all the chocolates at once? Emotions run high at Christmas (I heard a live brass band yesterday and burst into tears), so we must do what we can to self preserve. Now, on to day 22: As a carte d'identité carrying half French person, let me tell ya that this 'French girls do it better' thing is a giant marketing swizz. French women as just as fat, farty and funny as any other nation. Their diet culture is just kind of ramped up to 11 though, so they smoke and eat lots of yoghurt and buy things like branded slimming mineral water 🤷‍♀️. Anyway, as you know I've already torn Into the last days of liberty advent like a big keen Labrador and wore this last night to Tesco then dinner. It's GREAT. It has a creamy liner one end you fill in your lips with then a 'matte powder' which sounds odd and cocainey but is feels great and looks really velvety. And I love a mauve lip. Deux pouces up! 👍👍

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Rebecca Humphries