December 21st - Omorovicza

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 09.30.42.png


Continuing its advent basting theme, we have another moisturiser! This time from omorovicza, which my iPad has just auto corrected to 'o moronically'. Folks, I like it. I like its texture, I like its bottle and I like its stink. I like saying it's name in a 'prepare to die meester bonddd' sort of way. I can't really see 'light diffusing particles' but this is preferable to an accidental face full of glitter. Tell you what gang, I've just arrived at my lovely in laws's house and lined up my liberty swag in the guest bathroom and I am one bougie baby this year. This advent calendar is obviously ridiculous but one of the most fun things to open and VERY good value all told. 


Ooooh it’s heavy iiiiit’s…..impossible-to-pronounce brand Omorovicza! Try saying that after a drink. Speaking of which, this was part of the calendar bingo so have a shot on me. It’s not quite a full sizer at 30ml but I’ll forgive them as the bottle is struggling to squeeze in the box and anyway a 50ml is £85 so judging by my early morning maths this would cost…..still quite a lot. Could someone get Carol Vorderman to confirm that.
The card says this contains ‘Ruby Crystal’ who I think taught me a pole dancing course. Apparently it’s ‘light diffusing’ but I’m sick of all these claims; what we have here a moisturiser that smells a bit like aqueous cream with a touch more ‘old lady perfume’ about it. The glass bottle is so smooth and frosted I can stop sliding my hands over it (that’ll be the pole dancer in me talking), I hope it does that to my face. Can confirm it has a lovely texture, not quite the @votary industrial strength yoghurt but I’m glad to have the variety. A strong entry Liberty!

Rebecca Humphries