December 18th - Davines

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One week til Christmas. How does this figure in the ‘Love Actually’ timeline? Is it when Laura Linney sacks off the sexy mute to hang out with her brother in the home then never sees sexy mute again? Always found it weird she didn’t just……explain.

Anyway, today I’m going to simply type up what the little pink card in the calendar says. Be warned - they’re all in first person and obviously doing the hard sell, meaning the whole thing comes off slightly boastfully. Imagine a human being saying the following:

“Reasons to love me -

Davines oi (oi!!! 😂) Milk

I add shine, control frizz and protect from the harmful effects of heat styling. I am formulated with beta carotene-rich Roucou Oil and Vitamin B5 that soothes dry hair. Plus, I smell amazing! (🤣🤣) Spritz me all over wet or dry hair.”

Only when the queens introduce themselves on Drag Race have I ever witnessed such self confidence.

Anyway, my point in doing this was to say that I use this product regularly and it’s definitely got the goods to back it up. Sorts my dry ends right out.

Still, no one likes a show off henny.


OK so unlike Rebecca, hair isn't really my thing - she clomps about like a little beautiful pony all swish and colour and wave and my hair is a bit flat and brown and well...not the thing I'll be remembered for. Surely I'm just a Holy Grail product away from bouffant glory? This stuff has yet to be properly tested on wet hair as my office Christmas party was last night so I have obviously overslept and only had time to cover my skull  in batiste this morning but OH MY GOD THE SMELL. It smells like delicious powdery turkish delight goodness, but not like as sickly as that sounds. I've scraped my hair into a top knot and spritzed this all over my bonce with joy. 

Rebecca Humphries