December 17th - Eve Lom

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Day 17's offering is from the offices of Eve Lom, doyenne of cleansing balms. This time it's a balm for your lips - which smells exactly like an unlit menthol fag. It's sticky, heavy and makes drinking from a can difficult but it's pleasingly tingly and is an excellent solution for my post-cold Singing Detective nostrils.  I shall enjoy applying it during boring meetings, if only so that the camphor tingle keeps me awake. May I just say that, like Rebecca, whenever the drawer is not heavy enough to contain the mini Diptyque candle I am already slightly annoyed. This advent calendar has turned me into a monster.  


(Imagine Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada peering over her glasses and stating the following:)

‘An Eve Lom lip balm.’

(She continues to make ice cold eye contact til you back slowly out of the room).

If you’ll recall, I actually put Eve Lom in yesterday’s calendar drinking game. So while you’re searching for your early morning shot of choice I’ll tell you that what I actually wanted to write was ‘Eve Lom - and I bet it’s something really blah like a lip balm’ but I didn’t have the space.

It never ever fails to amaze me how much adding a brand name to some little pot can warrant an extra tenner. This one is minty, sure, we all love a polo. But it’s hardly outstanding in its field. Like, say, vaseline. Which costs about a quid. And of which I already have at least 9 lurking at the bottom of bags/suitcases/corners of my room because I always leave them at home and need to panic buy another.

(as Meryl again) ’Eve Lom lip balm’.


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Rebecca Humphries