December 15th - Lixirskin

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 09.30.09.png


I’d like to take this time to remind everyone about the heady days of the Votary cream. Good god, that was a great one. I used it last night and it took a good 2 minutes to rub in, it just kept spreeeaaading. 
Back to today and Lixirskin which has to be my favourite packaging of all. I dream of a capsule beauty shelf featuring only this and Aesop. Think of the aesthetic (obviously thousands of others will be stuffed in an airing cupboard in manner of 90s romcom. ‘No, don’t open the…..!’ but it’s too late, Matthew McConaughey type is crushed in a wave of uglier products). 
It’s the Universal Emulsion I really covet but the Electrogel Cleanser’ll do. Electrogel sounds like something Dangermouse would meet a grisly end in, and the website says it’s ‘formulated with negatively charged electrogel to eliminate the positively charged toxins’ which is lol if you say it in a Supervillain voice then do a big laugh at the end.


I like cleansers because I absolutely associate them with things being ok: if my mental health wobbles or I’m tired or stressed, guess who stops a five step cleansing night time routine! And let’s barely mention what happens after an evening on the grape - it’s a triumph if I remember, and there is no feeling more smug than a soft makeup free face after the morning after a big night out.

This looks great too. Just as I was exactly the right age for the spice girls, I’m just the right age to love the millennial pink and block spaced font packaging. I look forward to using it later in a mulled wine smokey eyed stupor.

Rebecca Humphries