December 14th - Dr Sebagh

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Dr Sebagh, eh? Mysterious! Who is the man behind the serum? In his secret society with colleagues Dr Oetker and Dr Karg. (the Body Doctor, long since rumbled, pressing his nose up against the glass from the outside and looking in) Sorry for this very Seinfeld intro, but what can I do but make jokes? I cannot tell you whether a serum is good or not until I have used it for a bit. But I do like the medical look of it, and am reassured by its £69 street value: This is the perfect sort of advent gift in that it’s dinky and not something I’d buy for myself ever as it’s so extravagant, so overall I think it’s a triumph. It’s a bit sticky, but thirteen 5 star reviews on the Space NK website can’t be wrong, can they?


Hair perfume yesterday smelled delish, though gutted to report not one person hugged me and discovered how posh I now am. Sigh.

To today and OH MY GOD IT’S THE DIPTYQUE oh wait no it’s a Dr Sebagh serum in exactly the same sized packaging as a mini candle. Why have they done this? Had a little sulk until I realised this is a full sizer weighing in at £69. Hmmm. You win this round.

Dr Sebagh is plastic surgeon of the A-list set. Much whispers are made of his little black book of clients but none are ever revealed, which is a bit like me saying I taught several Royal Ballet members all they know but they’ve sworn me to secrecy soz.

Acid has had a makeover from ‘cartoon murder weapon’ to ‘time reverser’ of late, and I’m on board. Hyaluronic acid acts as a magnet that draws moisture in your skin to it, giving you the coveted plump-face and making wrinkles look smaller and oh my god call me Dr Humphries and give me some secret clients.

Rebecca Humphries