December 13th - Byredo

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YES! Today it’s fancy hair perfume from Byredo and I’m thrilled. Like Le Labo or Frederique Malle, this is a veh expensive fancy fragrance brand I have only admired from the counter thus far. I must confess: I have not smelt this for I CANNOT CURRENTLY SMELL, but you guys once I shake this cold I am going to emerge from the dry ice mist (or the byredo hair perfume) wearing all the Liberty advent calendar products at once like Joey from Friends.


Ok. It’s hair perfume.

Hear me out.

How good does it feel when somebody says ‘You hair smells amazing’? Then you grab the ends and sniff it and realise yes! It does! I’ll tell you, it feels pret-ty excellent. With all the huggy greetings going on nowadays, it’s an appealing idea that the first impression you’ll give off is a big whiff of something expensive. The very thought of getting to say ‘Yes, it’s my Byredo hair perfume’ is SO APPEALINGLY PRETENTIOUS it almost makes me feel taller and thinner. 

Ok, it is a bit pointless. Then again I think of that randy Emma-Thompson-love-rival in Love Actually, legs spread on her swivel chair & murmuring at Alan Rickman

‘I don’t want something I need. I want something I want

And turns out I want my hair to smell of this neroli, musk & pink pepper pretentious Byredo hairspray. 

*JUST HAD A FLASHBACK* of spraying myself in all sorts of Byredo perfumes, asking my friend Ryan which one I should buy and his response being they all smelled of ‘Chinese buffet or sick’

Rebecca Humphries