December 12th - Bobbi Brown

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 09.32.24.png


At last! Something sultry and saucy and fun-at-the-office-party-y. And @bobbibrownuk no less. All make up brands are my children but I have it on good authority everyone has a favourite and mine is Bobs. 

I love glossy lips, the stickier the better. They me feel like Sophia Vegara, like a real sexy ho (ho ho). You know finds my glossy lips most attractive? My hair. Also, you know what’s really inconvenient to do with glossy lips? Get off with someone. The irony.

This one is super tacky and clear and I’ve already layered it over my Mac Ruby Woo so they look like those gummy sweetie ones. Delicious *whips hair, it gets stuck on face again*


An injection of nostalgia today from Liberty with this Bobbi Brown crystal lipgloss. I haven't worn lipgloss for years, not since I used to carry round a sizeable Lancome Juicy Tubes collection covered in school bag debri. This is a more grown up proposition I suppose, but I fear the sticky annoyance of lipgloss is just one of those things I'm not sure I can be bothered with, like stilettos or making my own pastry. It's nice, but not as nice as, say, a cream eyeshadow stick or tinted balm from this brand. I shall try the gloss and report back. 

Rebecca Humphries