December 11th - REN

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 09.29.35.png


‘Yas’ I purr softly, ‘yyyyaaaaasssssssss’. I love REN, who doesn’t? It’s about as inoffensive as it gets, the perfect brand for Secret Santas and ‘I don’t really know you but would love for you to love me’ gifts. 

And *ding ding ding!* We have a full sizer here people! It’s an elegant matte white bottle with a little pipette so you can feel like a scientist, containing a skin finishing serum. It’s silicone free = excellent news for those of us prone to spot beards.

Here comes the science bit - concentrate.

Rumour has it when used in beauty products, silicone creates a non breathable barrier meaning oils and bacteria can get trapped underneath. While this has not been substantiated per se, in my case it’s always made me hyper aware of acne (also make-up artists haven’t used any silicone-y products on any of my tv jobs) so I avoid it and maybe you should too. My point is, yay for @renskincare. Ugh, someone hand me a white coat I’ve come over all Madame Curie/Beaker from the Muppets.


Oh wonderful, now we’re talking. Full size REN! I’ve just bought a new primer balm from The Ordinary, but this serum one is a texture I wouldn’t have considered so am curious to try it. Despite the incredibly clear instructions on the bottle I mess up and put this on under my moisturiser. The bit on the back of my hand feels very nice though. No makeup today, but I will report back on how this scaffolds a face full of slap.

May I also just say: remember the hand cream I poured scorn on the other day? Reader, I married it (It’s veh good).

Rebecca Humphries