December 10th - Malin & Goetz

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 22.00.09.png


I’m not going to linger on the fact that this is once again an unglamorous insult item, and that on day 5 of my Lurgi I was really hoping for a nice cheerful lipstick or something to lift my spirits. Sometimes in life you just have to look after your own damn self. This smells very nice but almost certainly will not work. I do like it though, as most deodorants smell awful and like air freshener. I will be layering this over Mitchum unscented, the true foot soldier in the battle against stink.


Last night Claire & I used the Skin Laundry mask from the 7th, when Claire realised she didn’t really like sheet masks and I realised I couldn’t trust her anymore.

Today - a D/O for my BO! As one of the sweatiest people going, I am faced with a daily dilemma; do I go industrial strength, containing a million harmful chemicals but enabling me to stand among other human beings freely? Or one without aluminium i.e. not life threatening, but running the risk of daily social anxiety? I would pay through the nose for a posh, beautifully scented deodorant that really does the job. I had to give up on Neal’s Yard Lemon & Corriander despite it smelling so delicious (not at all like a salad as that combo would suggest) as I would be pouring before getting down the tube escalators. I quite like Malin & Goetz, I used to buy their cannabis scented candles so people would think I was interesting, and as I’m not seeing anyone I know today will give it a try.

Rebecca Humphries