December 1st - Dermalogica (!)

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 21.59.07.png


My first impression on thrusting a clammy hand into Box 1 was:

a)what a lovely, fulsome amount of Papercha

se crinkly crepe spaghetti there is, and

b)b) this is no sample size product. Rather TRAVEL size. It’s set to be a month of plenty and I am here for it.

Also - what’s this little card? Why, it’s a navy art deco number embossed with a golden message - TEN QUID OFF MY NEXT PURCHASE TIL CHRISTMAS EVE?! EXCELLENT START.

The smug smile slightly faltered at the discovery of a Dermalogica foaming cleanser. Liberty, hallowed palace of Freidrich Mahal, Sisley & Le Labo have gone with Dermalogica as an opener? Not that I’ve anything against Dermalogica itself. In fact, much like Benefit ,Opi, and Sweet Valley High it has a ‘coming of age’ whiff about it. The first time I used this particular cleansing gel was my mid teens in a bid to rid myself of the spot beards that alcohol-infused Clearasil has been failing to shave off for years. Dermalogica absolutely smashed that oily little problem out the recreation ground I would go and get pissed in every Friday after netball. In fact it was probably the brand responsible for a life long belief in getting what you pay for.

A air of nostalgia on day 1 eh? Well played Liberty, well played.


Like a child I tip toe barefoot down to the kitchen. The first one up in the house, and no work to go to. A rare moment of tranquility. The 1st of December is finally here. I make a cup of tea and, ready to pull out the peacock feather guilded drawer. I feel (italics).

Liberty had obviously imagined this moment differently as within the beautiful card box and gold tissue was a miniature bottle of dermalogica face wash, as if separated from its trial set, which promises to ‘remove excess oils’ and is soap free and apparently entirely fun free! Oh hang on it smells delicious though. And look there’s a £10 off voucher! Thank you to the person in that meeting who made them put that in there because ‘you can’t just give them a mini face wash! This is Liberty! It’s CHRISTMAS!’. I will try it in the shower later and it will probably change my life. Happy first of December everyone!

*Noddy Holder outro music*

Rebecca Humphries