NYX Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream

nyx powder puff.jpg

by Claire

I love lipstick. I love the packaging, the click-clunk of the lid as it closes, the twist up motion, the powdery smell. I love how it brightens up my face and makes me look put together. I also love the buying of lipstick - picking a little cheering tube of colour has been the high point of many a lunch break straddled by a bad day. I have dozens of tubes! Out of curiosity, I’ve just upturned my handbag and can tell you that I currently have seven lip products about my person.

What’s surprising, given all this enthusiasm, is that I don’t wear lipstick. Not really. I mean sometimes when I go to a party… but I’m worried about it smearing everywhere. You see, I like to talk and eat (and back when I was fun SMOKE). I get a bit squiffy and suddenly it’s all down my face on my fingers and down my top. In the morning, I’ll pick up a tube only to put it back down– when I’m doing my makeup at 7.30 am, I just want to hide away. I don’t want a big fuchsia mouth, I just want coffee, a seat on the tube, and for all the horrible teenagers from the local sixth form college to just for fuck’s sake behave on the bus.

I regularly forget I don’t wear lipstick, and whack some on, all emboldened. But then a couple of hours later, once I’ve relaxed and dared to forget it, I go for a wee and look in the mirror whilst washing my hands and there it is: all faded and shit and crusty looking, like I’ve been on the wines all night.

My brilliant friend Siobhan recommended this stuff to me, which is different. It’s powdery! Yes! Powdery! And of course it fades, but it fades to an even stain all over, not just a wax rim. This is a REVELATION!

I primly said I was on a lipstick buying ban when she pointed it out to me in Superdrug, but then several rainy days and a passive aggressive email from a colleague later, here it is in my hot little fist.

 And it’s 8 quid! And has an excellent bright friendly red in it called Boys’ Tears.

 Anyway, I’ve been wearing it for a few days and apart from some people going ‘Ooooh lipstick! GET YOU!’ at me and giving me prickly armpits, it’s been a triumph.

 Thanks Siobhan!

NYX Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream, £8


Claire Rigby