Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation


by Claire

Those close to me know what a horrible sucker I am for a bargain. It’s important that I transparently put across the fact that this doesn’t save me lots of money – being incapable of going past a charity shop without going in or having a slightly problematic eBay habit doesn’t exactly make me Deborah Meaden.

I do like it though, that little thrill of something cheaper, a hidden jewel only  A SHREWD EXPERT (!) like me could spot. Scatter my ashes in the bargain tat aisle of Lidl (though also save some for the ham and meatballs shelf).


Anyway, here is my latest excellent bargain, one of my favourite kinds: a DUPE. Short for ‘duplicate’, this is a kind millennial word for an outrageous copy, and sounds weird when you say it out loud (try it). It’s Maybelline Urban Cover and the product it is shamelessly aping is It cosmetics CC cream (£31 !!!).


It goes on easy with fingers, which is important in the bleary morning rush. It’s medium coverage yet somehow dewy, sheer and forgiving. It’s still on my face at the end of the day, and is also SPF 50. I absolutely love it. They’ve made an attempt at a shade range which *surprise surprise* won’t work if you are very dark, but actually is much broader than a lot of high street shade ranges for this kind of foundation/skincare hybrid product (I’m giving you the stink eye, No7). Glop it on next time you’re in big Boots and see if you agree.


Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation, £10.99

Claire Rigby