Alpha H Liquid Gold

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I used to have this friend at drama school who was self conscious about the weirdest parts of her. It caused great mirth around us, her peers, who would find it understandably baffling this girl would go to such lengths to hide her elbows, constantly be checking out the base of her spine in the mirror and be convinced there was something unsightly about her own knees. How we would lol, and she would join in! Which in hindsight I realise would have been deeply unhelpful. The most hilarious part was that it was all bollocks - she had a perfectly normal, even nice, body. That this insecurity would ping its way around like a pinball machine.

Well obviously that girl was me, and I’ve come a long way since then. I get my knees and elbows out on a regular basis, often at the same time! Everyone has their shit to deal with but I’m a bit older now, and also I realised quite soon after this time that body confidence is a magnet that draws people to you for sex whatever your size or shape so I got good at it. Which in hindsight I now realise was deeply unhelpful.

It hasn’t gone away though. Some random, bullshit insecurities remain although smaller and more targeted. Namely, under eye bags and pores. Now I know, I KNOW those under eye bags exist and I know this because I constantly go up for parts where the character is tired. Thanks, acting industry for playing right in to those fears! So when people say ‘nooooo you don’t have them!’ I just.....I just know they’re kind liars.

But pores is different. Everybody tells me they can’t see my pores. I’ve had facials where the therapist has told me that really isn’t a problem for me. I’ve even looked in the mirror myself once or twice and thought ‘oh. They’re fine’. But somehow I view it as a constant, horrendous problem, and imagine myself having conversations with people where a hundred wide little mouths all over my nose are screaming & competing for attention.

I got told that a liquid exfoliant 2-3 times a week would help this. And this is my favourite. Alpha H’s liquid gold looks to all intent & purposes like water. Your pour it on to two cotton pads then go to town on your face (after cleansing). The pad will to the colour of whatever foundation you had on during the day mixed but a bit greyer, you’ll wonder whether this means your cleanser is a bit shit but it isn’t it’s just not as intense a paint stripper as this is. It tingles and tightens and I really like using it although I do forget all the time.

Has it made my pores tighter? No. Because my pore thing is psychosomatic. HOWEVER it has absolutely done a wonder on the surface of my skin, sweeping off dry flakey bits in an instant. It’s brilliant also for after wearing particularly heavy moisturiser and long wear foundation, which can just mix & congeal and be an arse to get off. My skin’s glowing and the bottle is still going strong six months later.

Expensive, but if like me this is an insecurity you can’t shake off, you can’t do better.

Alpha H Liquid Gold 50ml


Rebecca Humphries