The Salux Cloth

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by Claire

There’s a tedious misconception that beauty fans are a dull, bimbo-ish bunch. That you can’t possibly be interested in both mattifying primers and the state of the economy. Your brain is talked about as if it holds finite space: thoughts of lip gloss take up real estate where something more lofty and academic could have sat. Blokes are welcome to piss about with trainsets and golf and Xboxes all they want and still have time to ponder the more complex, but the minds of hobbyist women are oppressively filled with beauty, like some sort of guffy, shallow gas.

This is obviously nonsense. Clever, obsessive geekery can be found in spades in the beauty world, and is the startling proof. It’s a huge juggernaut of a review site, with thousands of products all scrutinised like restaurants on Tripadvisor. It also has an app, where you can browse product reviews via barcode scanner as you wander the aisles of Boots. We are worse than the Warhammer lot, truly.

 It was on one of my many forays down this beauty rabbit hole that I first read about Salux cloths. A Salux cloth is a long exfoliating washcloth that you load up with suds in the shower and use to scrub your knackered dry limbs. It looks like nothing, but it’s amazing: Somehow there’s absolutely the right grit to it, making it incredibly smoothing but not too harsh and brillo pad-ish. The long length means you can do your back. Your skin feels incredibly soft and smooth after, just right for a ronseal layer of fake tan. It’s £7, dries in a flash, and you’ll never use a gunky sugar scrub again.


Salux japanese wash cloth, £6.80

Claire Rigby