by Claire

I know the subject of depilation is a bit fraught, but without getting too much into it, I am one of life’s shavers. I just think waxing is expensive and time consuming, epilators makes you literally CRY with pain, Veet/Nair/Immac whatever is still messy and stinks no matter how much they promise they’ve come along - so shaving it is.

A while ago I stopped buying women’s razors and just got a bog standard men’s Gillette one. The blades cost a third less and were available everywhere, and I quite liked that I no longer had to shave my legs with something that looked like a bright pink Mattel accessory for simpletons.

I was still letting myself down with the fresh blade thing though - revoltingly, weeks (months!) would go by with me dragging the same poor old faded craggy blade over my skin. My laziness and the expense/dullness of purhasing a new packet of blades made for a losing combination.

Enter Grüum. Grüum is a beauty subscription service that will deliver to you, at your preferred frequency, a nice-looking gender-neutral razor handle, fresh blades and shave gel. For the intro pack, you choose your handle colour (I’ve gone for a natty yellow) which arrives a couple of days later with one blade and a bottle of shave gel (which smells nice! Sort of herbal and natural, rather than like a ‘roidy lynx armpit). You then get four blades, plus more of the nice shave gel every couple of months for £10. Best of all, I don’ t have to think about it at all: it just arrives.

* Gordon Ramsey voice * Smooth Legs: done.

Grüum shaving subscription, from £5 a month

Claire Rigby