Lush Bubble Bar: French Kiss

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 09.39.35.png

Between their tiggerish staff and the mad almost sulfurish smell, I can see why some people just never set foot in Lush. But in a world of po-faced peels, serums aping Botox and appetite suppressing lollipops, Lush offers some much needed fun. 

The signature product is the bath bomb. Effervescent in all sense of the world, it’s such a fun non-essential treat, but I miss bubbles in a bath bomb bath: sometimes I don’t want to be quite so confronted with my own body pooling in coloured flat water.

This is where the bubble bar steps in: less effervescent but very much does what it says on the tin bubble wise, with all the whimsy of the bomb. I love them. I have two conditions: NO glitter or floaty crap, and NO ring of dye to clean after (cancelling out all relaxation achieved). The one I like the most is called A French Kiss and smells of lavender. They’ve gone easy on the dye, so the water goes a pale lilac and aside from the single sprig of lavender poking out the top there is no cleanup required – except all your patty and Selma esque stubble, natch. 

 Lush Bubble Bar in French Kiss, £4.75

Rebecca Humphries