Le Blanc de Chanel Multi Use Illuminating Base

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Things are sort of difficult at the moment, not on a fundamental ruin-your-life scale, but things have aligned in an annoying way and everything feels like…a slog. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself. I know I should be over-the-top grateful for the fact that I have a flushing toilet and a choice of shoes and a nice warm dinner in my belly every night, but I’m finding contentment hard to grasp right now. This strange multi-purpose (all-purpose? No-purpose?) product felt like a nice thing to have, an act of ‘self-care’ (bleurgh) and luxury that wouldn’t be another sodding bubble bath.

The colour and name brings to mind those sinister skin whitening products you see in Pak’s, but it goes on translucent with a slight sheen, which I think would work on other skin tones (try it on your hand first though, yeah?).

The packaging is pure filth obviously: heavy frosted glass, double Cs all over, looks great on your dresser. Smells of that very specific Chanel peach smell they use for all their skincare – I find this very pleasant and associate it with airport lounges and the nice holidays thereafter, but if it’s not your bag then don’t worry as it quickly dissipates. 

What’s it for? I’m still not sure. It works well as a primer on my sub saharan skin, imparting a nice sheen that is making me look slightly less dead. I think I prefer it as a highlighter though, just dab dab dab on the cheekbones, under eyebrows etc and it looks very dewy and natural and not like a plastic surgeon has marked up my face with beige glitter sharpie (my usual highlighter fear). It’s the psychological benefits that are the most significant here – it does indeed have an ambiguous feeling of treatiness. I’m not sure what it’s doing, but it’s doing a good job.

Le Blanc de Chanel Multi Use Illuminating Base, £38


Rebecca Humphries