Ambre Solaire Sensitive Face Sun cream Mist SPF50


by Claire

We all got a glorious taste of Summer this weekend didn’t we? Disposable barbecues were bought, all the slightly threatening men got their tops off and everyone had a lolly. Good. Times.

Your face though. Did you remember the sunscreen? I know it’s gone all rainy now but sunscreen now needs to get serious. You need a double pronged approach to this.  First a sunscreen has to go on in the morning, with your skincare. Unless your skin is absolutely scabby dry then it’s probably a cream with a high spf you’re layering over serum in lieu of moisturiser (this is a really tricky product to get right and I’m not sure I’ve found anything brilliant yet, but the search continues). You also need a separate sunscreen in your handbag for sunny beer garden emergencies, the morning cream is not enough in proper sunny weather – you need to top up. Also, every man on the picnic bench will need to borrow it for their face/neck/ears. Unless you want your husband to look like a giant ex-pat Tory come August you’d best have something to hand. This product needs to:

-          Fit easily into a smallish bag

-          Not leak

-          Not balls up all your makeup

-          Not sting

-          Stop sunburn

-          Be cheap enough so you apply liberally without second thought and buy it when you’re out if you forget it at home. On that note, it needs to be available to buy on a normal high street (not only from a counter next to the helipad at Harrods or whatever)

This stuff does all of that, and comes out in a genius transparent mist, so can genuinely be sprayed all over a made up face. Give it a couple of minutes to dry before you put your sunglasses back on, otherwise it will smear all over the bridge of your nose. I have repurchased this several times, I cannot find anything better at the price.

Now all I need is a nice sunhat that folds up small and doesn’t make me look like Paddington bear on HRT.

Ambre Solaire Sensitive Face Sun cream Mist SPF50, £6

Claire Rigby