MAC eye shadow in Arena


It all started with a pair of shoes.

I had just finished an early morning voiceover job in Soho, where I riotously flirted with the sound engineer, and was feeling a peculiar combination of tired (because always) and sassy. Only one thing for it: new and unnecessary high heels from Carnaby st round the corner.

Before my better judgement had woken up I had come away with a pair of orange snake skin mules, a bold choice in three respects which I’ll repeat:

1. Orange

2. Snake skin

3. Mules

But good taste was still on snooze and I figured that I could probably pull them off in a ‘Lupita Nyong’o does a shoot in the Arizona desert’ way.

Suffice it to say I had already parted cash and jauntily chucked my receipt away (not for the first time) before it occurred to me that I live in Clapton not the Arizona desert, and that I am not Lupita Nyong’o and even if I was I’m not convinced I would wear these ORANGE MULES.

What’s a girl stuck with snakeskin slip ons to do? I emailed Claire with a picture, and while I waited for her response went in to MAC to find a suitable eyeshadow to go with my orange footwear and orange hair. I only ever go in to MAC when the colour I want is slightly left field and likely unavailable elsewhere. There are just so many of them. I’d never go there for, say, a nudey beige or a soft brown which Maybelline Colour Tattoo do just as well at a third of the price. The truth is, I’ve been really enjoying all of these burnt bronzey tones of late and I chose to see the shoe situation as the opportunity to take the theme and run with it. Make orangeade, if you like.

The thing about MAC stores right, is that they’re wallpapered with pictures of beautiful women sporting the most lurid, Dulex paint advert shades known to humankind. Before you know it you’ve been caught up in the buzz of it all, feel fifty shades braver and come away looking as though you’ve been art attacked by Neil Buchannon. A few I tried were simply too ‘London Overground’ (don’t go near Red Brick, it does exactly what it says on the tin), a few were too gold lamé for daytime. In the end I settled with Arena - a lovely, almost peachy shimmery shade that sat somewhere between champagne and Fanta. A peach Bellini.

I was pleased as punch and I even liked the shoes more as a result. RESULT!

But that’s not all.

I have been compelled to write this review because at 12:30pm today a miracle occurred. I went to a lunchtime spin class that left me disgusting and exhausted, as is the norm for going cray on a stationary bike for 45 minutes. But when I slithered in to the changing room - THE EYESHADOW WAS STILL ON. Everything else had melted into nothingness. But the damn MAC remained.

And to top it off, I had two emails. One from Claire:

‘Those shoes are the embodiment of the first Spice Girls album cover’. = Excellent.

And the other from my voice agent, telling me I’m back in the booth tomorrow with the same sound engineer. I smell a matching bag.....

Note: I can only seem to find the refill online, in store it will be slightly more expensive

MAC cosmetics eyeshadow in Arena, £10

Rebecca Humphries