Silke Hair Turban

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I wrote this at the end of last year when I was feeling particularly sludgy. I’d give anything to go and have a little look at the Rebecca from this review, as I’m sure the sight was absoluely hilarious and she knew it too.

For many, bed time on a Friday is for tittilating sensuality. Oils and lace and gossamer stockings, fading to shadows as the diptique candle burns its last.

As I sit writing in my pink onesie and white Silke hair turban, looking by all accounts like a penis dipped in Sudocrem, I’ve never felt more single.

One must however relish the opportunity that comes with going solo. Open mouthed sleeps. Rolling from one side to another at your own whim. And, crucially - the use of aforementioned Silke headgear.

The Silke headscarf’s premise is simple. Regular bed linen can be abraisive, causing some of us to wake up with frizzy dull mops regardless of how recently it’s been washed. This 100% silk wrap is soft and doesn’t soak up your hair’s natural oils, and as such come the morning you simply pop it off and your locks will cascade down glossy and perfect in a 90s Salon Selectives shampoo ad way.

It claims to be ‘comfortable to wear’ (correctish) and ‘ultra-chic’ (no). It is not for guests to see. Ever. This is the garb of a single person or someone comfortable enough in their own skin they don’t give a shit what their sleeping partner thinks of them.

It works though. Really. It in fact cured some seriously dry ends, prevents me from having to attack my hair with straighteners every day. Blow drys can stay in tact overnight!

Sex is great but have you ever let your silky hair tumble out of a turban then leave the house seconds after?

Silke Hair Turban


Rebecca Humphries