Three nice facial oils for your poor old gob


by Claire

If the skincare equivalent to taking your bra off is removing a full face of makeup with a hot flannel, then face oil is the silky loungewear you put on after. I absolutely love a nice face oil – especially something that smells great. Here are three faves of mine that will lubricate your visage and make you smell like a yoga studio owner with a rich husband.

These are all high street, with lower price points. You can obviously go quite mental with facial oil and spend £100 if you’re feeling flush and a bit pre-menstrual. If you have more to spend then completely ignore me and go to Space NK/Liberty, where they will be more than happy to take your money in exchange for something wonderful from De Mamiel or Votary or something.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Orange Blossom face oil, £26


Smells absolutely heavenly (if you like Neroli, which I do). Comes in their lovely signature blue glass bottle, with pleasing pipette lid. I really like Neal’s Yard shops for their calm, luxe hippie vibe – it’s not all screaming anti-ageing wank as you as soon as you step in. If Neal’s Yard remedies was a person it would be Lush after ten years of talking therapy.

Pixi Jasmine blend facial oil, £26


This one absolutely reeks of Jasmine and I love it. I slather this on followed by a night cream and in the morning I’m smoother and softer than a plump little babybel.

Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil, £14.99


This is billed as a ‘pre-cleanse’ oil, the idea being that you use a small palm full of it to smear all your makeup around and wipe it off before you use your big boy cleanser. Me and the other 61 reviewers on the Boots website are ignoring these instructions and using this as a post cleanse facial oil to great effect. The smell is brilliant, the pump applicator is fine, but my god THE PRICE OF IT. It’s usually £14.99 but currently £9.99 in Boots, and is regularly on offer so no panic. It’s an absolute stone cold bargain. I really like the Vitamin C oil cleanser and Rose cream cleanser in this range as well.

Happy smearing everyone!

Claire Rigby