Tan Luxe Wonder Oil

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I’ve always found fake tan annoying due to being both ham-handedly slapdash and a neurotic perfectionist. Since the heady, orange-palmed days of Johnson’s Holiday Skin aged 13 I’ve been forgetting to pre-exfoliate, not been arsed to moisturise my joints, choosing the wrong shade or shoving my clothes on despite it not having dried – and every single time am gutted with my streaky bacon Frazzles skin.

I’m a firm believer in having a bit of a tan. And as a redhead with blue eyes, I could in theory do without one in a sort of titian Boticelli way. But pale is not my look. If I keep it organic, my under eye bags look so pronounced they may as well have been outlined with purple sharpie, and a scattering of oddly placed freckles on my white skin gives the impression of having been flicked with a paintbrush that has been dipped in shite. Tan evens it all out.

Enter Tan Luxe. It caught my eye with it’s clear branding & quite often that’s enough to go on. I opted for the Wonder Oil because it comes as a roller and put me in mind of a giant ‘Mum’ deordrant.

Using an oil is looovely. It makes the boring, practical process of tanning really quite sensual. I tend to not coat my whole body, rather draw racing stripes down it, slather hands in a preferred moisturiser (currently using Lush’s ‘Rump’) and colour myself in. It works, and kills two birds with one stone.

This is the best self tan I’ve ever used. The colour is so authentic looking I have several times been asked whether I’ve been away and then met with genuine surprise when have replied ‘Yeah, to Space NK’. Actually just the other night I convinced someone that I was half Italian because of it. I shit you not.

My method of diluting it like concentrate - Ribena for example - also ensures the colour is not too strong & serves to give me back a bit of my favourite thing; control. I can layer it up from day to day if needed.

No longer a packet of Frazzles I.

Pricey but definitely worth it. I went back and bought the face drops which are just as good.

Wonder Oil, £45

Tan Luxe


Rebecca Humphries