Simple Eye Makeup Remover



Some products you cannot wait to use. You allow a sleek woman in white to caress it on to your hand in the department store concession, together marvel at it’s glide, and are still stroking and sniffing your hand a good hour after - holding the tiny white ropes of your Space NK bag.

Others you can buy with the loose change that’s fallen among tampon wrappers and pen lids in the dark recesses of your bag.

These are the reliables, the failsafes; products to get the job done rather than wallow in  all this namby-pamby home-spa nonsense. If these products were a person they would be swift, efficient taskmasters - possibly Pam Ferris would play them in a film (I do this a lot. Reese Witherspoon is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Cate Blanchett is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. Tilda Swinton = Illamasssssquaaaa).

My old reliable Matron is Simple’s Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Remover. Simple eye products all have quite similar names, which is annoying, but the one I’m talking about looks like water and therefore is the least fussy. She does exactly what she sets out to do, with zero faff. I tend to use her when I’m either taking off an excessive amount of make up repeatedly (this is very theatre actress-ccentric, apologies) or alternatively when I don’t want to waste money on myself/feel Liz ‘Reese Witherspoon’ Earl would judge (like when I’ve come home at 4am and slept in entire face including false eyelashes).

It works, it’s cheap, it’s not greasy. What else is there to say?

Simple Kind to Eyes Make Up Remover


Rebecca Humphries