Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream



My bathroom drawer is where lipsticks go to die, bored as I become with colours after wearing them twice. Or, much worse, they get banished after pictures come to light of a night out where I thought I looked sensational but actually looked like the Joker’s mum.

Fancy lipsticks are a risk. Many’s the time I’ve strutted around Westfield feeling my post-yoga self, gone for a blousey shade then later when I’ve come to my senses wonder wtf I was thinking. And into the drawer it goes, all £17.50 of it.

But the thing about NYX is - it’s cheap. And good. You can get three lip colours for the price of one in MAC. You can get three of any of their products for the price of one in MAC, in fact. It’s a favourite with drag queens and those bitches are almost as picky as me.

There are bloody loads of colour pop shades to choose from (I like the fact it’s all a bit Crayola, no holding two up to tell the subtle differences here). In the end I went for the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco. It’s a gaudy orangey red, but at £6 a go I’m prepared to take that risk.

I love it. I wear it everywhere. It glides on without the need for a mirror, doesn’t wear off, doesn’t flake and makes me feel great. Simple as that. The red isn’t quite as lovely as MAC’s timeless Ruby Woo but that does flake and is difficult to apply and costs £11.50 more.

Worth saying that NYX is a make up brand that bloody delivers, is cheap as chips and doesn’t test on animals. Which shows you it can be done.

I now own 4 shades and not one of them is in the death drawer.

Get a few.

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco


Nyx.com (or Boots for the points)

Rebecca Humphries