Jade roller

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On a heady summertime visit to the Copenhagen countryside our hostess (who was so elegant I felt like a dippy, church hall frog all weekend) one evening produced a small suede pouch. She handed it over with the solemnity that seemed to suggest the contents were about to blow my damn mind.

It was pleasingly weighty. Excellent start. I opened it and out slid a peachy smooth, ice cool slab of stone in delicate swirls of pink and pearl.

‘….Whass dis den?!’ I asked stupidly, like a froggy drip, for the whole exchange had thus far been conducted in reverential silence the like of which I’ve never been able to handle. It also all felt a bit crystally and meaningful and all that and frankly my interest in geology doesn’t extend far beyond diamonds that Elizabeth Taylor would deem ‘a bit much’. More is more and all that.

‘It’s for your face’ was her response.

‘I’m listening’ was mine.

She explained that of a morning and evening after cleansing you use it to calmly stroke your cheeks and undereye area. The rose quartz has a strong energy that can enhance feelings of love, and in a more practical sense the coolness depuffs the skin and has a draining effect.

It was the most exquisite, spiritual thing I had ever heard of in my life*. And I’ve got a puffy face!**

I had to have it.

After a bit of research back in the UK, I opted for a jade roller. The jade promotes wisdom, balance and peace (and it’s pleasing shade of pale green goes great with auburn hair, sue me) and I imagined having one that rolls around to be a bit more fun. You’ve got to take it where you can in the beauty world.

First thing – could not believe how cheap it was. A medium facial roller costs £18 and a double ended one (lol) £22. I went for the latter, which arrived less than a week later from cultbeauty in a rectangular faux leather case with a black velvet insert, not unlike those you see being caressed by the hands of QVC presenters & containing Diamonique bracelets or some such. DIamoniques are a girl’s best friend = so far so good.

For the past few months I’ve rolled a cold green stone over my face twice a day, starting in the middle and spreading outwards, and can report that it’s an altogether enjoyable experience. The crisp temperature serves to somehow both wake you up and wind you down in appropriate moments, and there is undoubtedly something zen about repeating an action all the while staring into your own clean face in the mirror. I like it very much. Does it work? Well, as a woman as familiar with the greeting ‘Oh you look tired’ almost as much as I am ‘Hello’ (note: being told you look tired should only ever be reserved for close relatives, and even then they’re pushing it) I can say it has made a difference. People have commented that I look ‘fresh’. ‘Fresh’! It only took 32 years! The roller also came with a discovery; that if rolled over your nose causes your pores to close, resulting in less foundation being hoovered up by them. So there’s an argument there somewhere for the roller actually saving money in the long run cos of this, but I shan’t labour that too much.

All of the above leads me to conclude that this item is sensational value, nice to use, pretty on a dresser and yields results. All this for a one off, lifetime purchase. Lovely bit of kit.

*Was a bit pissed

**I have literally only just realised she may have been telling me because of this.

Yu Ling Roller, £22

cultbeauty.co.uk - currently sold out but back in stock soon. Alternatives available in places like amazon. But just be warned - some companies will charge you over £30 for the same product. Do not be fooled by this, it’s EXACTLY the same stone from the earth that does exactly the same thing.

Rebecca Humphries