IGK Dry Shampoo

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We can all learn something from IGK, whether it’s ‘How to stand out from the crowd’, ‘How to be true to yourself via your branding’ or ‘How to alienate your clientele with packaging’.

Far as I’m concerned, you’ve got to admire the audacity of a brand who had opted for packaging that screams ‘EXTREME MILLENNIAL AAARRGGGHHH’ among the monochrome glass phials of supercilious Space NK. We’re talking pictures of sunsets, palm leaves and #lotsoffilter. Imagine holding instagram in your hands. And with names like ‘FOMO’ or ‘Beach Club’ or ‘Swipe Up’, they beg the question ‘What are these cool children doing in our grown up and verra verra posh shops?’ Then one sees the price tag and it clicks in to place.

But I like them, they make me feel young and fashionable (= exactly what they want so well done IGK) so I bought the dry shampoo as apparently I’m tired of paying £3.49 for something that works perfectly. When I got it home I realised the picture on the canister was of a smashed up pale pink powder palette. Stressful, as my NARS orgasm palette did the same thing recently and I wasn't ready to be reminded of that. And probably never will be.

BUT - I’m being sneery and hypocritical. This is really good. It’s lasted absolutely ages. The starkest difference between this and other leading dry shampoos is this one doesn’t have the effect of puffing a bottle of talc on to your parting, giving you a Badger from ‘Wind in the Willows’ vibe to deal with. It’s invisible and genuinely seems to achieve the effect of having washed your hair again. For people with extremely thick hair like myself (*tosses it over shoulder*) it’s great, as other leading dry shampoos prove so volumising I tend to look a bit like Cher in Mermaids/Cher in the Turn Back Time Video/Cher. It also smells nice, but then, they all do to me as I love talc.

But is this really worth it? Well, I do sometimes find the act of spraying £3.49 dry shampoo quite a tense affair. That shit shoots out and more than once has made me jump. This is like a lovely soft mist, it’s lasted ages, and it makes my hair sleek and clean. But at £24 a pop the answer is still 'fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk nooooooo’.

When all’s said and done - if we washed our hair a bit more often we wouldn’t have this problem.

IGK Hair Jet lag Invisible Dry Shampoo (god even the name is annoying)



Rebecca Humphries