Clarins Huile Lotus Face Treatment Oil

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Salmon. Chips. Greggs sausage rolls. I really like oily things.

Other than my skin in pictures of course. Even when I’ve left the house matte af, every group shot ever taken of me reflects so much shine I look as though I’ve opted to brush my T-Zone in UV paint.

I stopped letting other people take photos of me for a while, but it wasn’t fair to deny them that forever swishes hair. What I wanted was a product, one that evened everything out and left me with a peachface rather than paperbagcontainingcroissant one. I’d heard tell that moisturiser actually helped oiliness, but couldn’t possibly believe it. Moisture plus moisture? Do the maths and it would seem to equal spots. But then, I hated maths, opting to perv at Ben Walsh who sat two rows in front instead of listening. Maybe I’m wrong about this equation.

After a consultation with Dame Goddess Sali Hughes’ book Pretty Honest 4 years ago, I decided to go for Clarins Night Oil. YES! Another oil! Oil on oil! Oilorama. Wild.

It smells absolutely delicious. My ex boyfriend even used to ask what that nice smell was in the flat and I knew it was my face (this is a massive achievement as mostly our small flat smelled of fart and that I certainly could not take credit for). Also, when you apply it just before bed time it gives you a kind of peaceful etherial quality; glimmering in the Ikea lamp glow.

I’m a total convert. Oil plus oil equals no more oil apparently. Turns out maths is great.

Incidentally I haven’t stopped thinking about Greggs since I wrote it down.

Huille Lotus Night Oil


Rebecca Humphries