111Skin Rose gold mask

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by Rebecca

I love sheet masks, and I would love to look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

So what better way to spend 15-20 minutes than with 111Skin’s Rose Gold Brightening Facial treatment, infused with 24K Gold and Damask Rose extract? It’s the go to for the knicker flashing Amazons (providing their Instagram profiles weren’t sponsored, you never can tell) and claims to instantly fight signs of fatigue….and anyway I was going to a wedding in the bum end of nowhere and fancied rocking up with gold skin. For £20 I’d better end up like fucking C3P0.

Initially what struck me was the texture. Rather than being a bit of soggy cotton cut into a Michael Myers mask (the accepted norm) this sheet mask is made from hydrogel, which when paired with it’s pale pink translucent colouring gives the effect of an actual layer of somebody’s face having been peeled off and sold to you in a packet. Sure, whatever, not for the faint hearted but I soldiered bravely on.

The thing is right – it’s big. Way bigger than my face. I had a nice little chuckle to myself imagining the VSecret catwalk as sort of a parade of lollipop headed freaks, or at the thought of these masks being made for the characters at Disneyland – Mickey Mouse whacking one on before going out to meet the kids perhaps. But the fun was short lived, for it meant that in order to get it on my face to see through the eye holes, the top of it had to rest on my newly washed hair, and the bottom hung down like big flappy jowls. It’s weighty too, rendering standing up with the mask near impossible even when doing the sheet-mask-limbo (knees bent, back straight, look up & waddle about while it works its magic).

But did it work? Well, upon removal my skin was left actually covered in a layer of shimmer, reminiscent of when my 14 year old self discovered Benefit’s High Beam and went to town. Seems like a bit of a cheat. Plus the residual gel was slimy and copious and I wasn’t quite sure what to do– there was too much gunk to pat in, it instead seemed to multiply in my hands. No option but to wipe it off with hotel loo paper. Seemed a waste. It did give me some consolation, bent over the loo, that VS Angels were probably doing the same thing, somewhere.

Listen - I felt refreshed afterwards and think I looked better than before it went on. But at £20 for a disposable product, I’d expect a bit less faff and a bit more of a miracle.

Worth it?

Regrettably not.

Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment, £20



Rebecca Humphries