The Ordinary Mandelic/Hyaluronic acid


The Ordinary

by Claire

I merrily visited the Deciem store on the hottest day of the year last July to have a look at their ‘The Ordinary’ range. I’d been able to make no sense of any of the products despite lots of peering at their website, so decided to see if I could figure things out in person.

A very well meaning and slightly sweaty woman sold me two pleasingly medical looking phials with glass stoppers: one of mandelic acid to exfoliate and improve texture, another of hyaluronic acid to hydrate. I quite like both. The mandelic acid has satisfying sting to it and after an initial flaky period, seems to have imparted a nicer texture to my poor old face. The hyaluronic acid also seems good, though results are less pronounced. Apparently consistent use is important, and I’ll admit that sometimes I have simply consumed too much oaky cornershop chardonnay to bother, but I like it when I use it. The low price of everything is a triumph. Will try others once it runs out, probably the amusingly named Squalane or Buffet serum.


Mandelic acid, £5.80

Hyaluronic acid, £5.90

Rebecca Humphries