Trowelling with the Stars: Ursula Edition


In a world of simpering songbird princesses, it’s important to have a proper horrible sea witch. Unapologetically funny, vengeful and fat, Ursula is the welcome antidote to getting your hair braided by woodland creatures whilst waiting for some bloke to turn up. Rumoured to be based on the iconic Drag Queen Divine, you just know Ursula would have trowelled it on and not put up with any shit (products). Please imagine all of the below housed in a barnacled Disney treasure chest.

Illamasqua Beyond Powder in Electric, £24

lush goddess.jpg

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership III Eyeshadow Palette in Suversive, £115 (yes, really)


I know. I KNOW. But look, honestly if you go and look at people swatching this on google image search these eyeshadows look incredible. There is a slightly less mental mini one at £50 FYI. Anyway, money is no object for sea witches.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £38

kiehls 2.jpeg

For weary vengeful visages overnight.

Fenty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Clapback, £16


A deeply theatrical shade of Matte navy, for when your crimson sea creature lipstick has run away.

Claire Rigby