The Fringe (not the Edinburgh one)


Having a fringe is a great thing. Here’s why:

  • More face coverage for ‘I can’t be arsed’ days

  • It gives you an automatic personality. Like it or not, having a fringe makes you a quirkier you than the you-without-a-fringe.

  • They make you look younger. This I think has been scientifically proved somewhere but I can’t be bothered to research what I already believe to be true. When friends who’ve had fringes cut in the immediate reaction is always ‘you look fantastic!’ and it’s always true. No longer visible are the massive forehead-wide crevices chiseled over the years with the persistence and stealth of Tim Robbins in ’The Shawshank Redeption’. Admit it, you woke up one morning, raised your eyebrows in front of the mirror and the state of your forehead made you fall slightly backwards. Well, say hello to your new best mate and pair of ‘wrinkle hiding curtains’. Not to mention bangs are Coachella, they're Charlie’s Angels, they look great with oversized denim jackets or Scandi knitwear or summer dresses whatever your age.

  • If you brush your fringe you don’t need to brush the rest of your hair. I know this for a fact.

But for every yin, there must be a yang. And those of us regular fringe wearers will know:

  • Fringes get greasy in 5 seconds, creating the fun ‘straggly witches hand’ effect.

  • If they get wet when you’re out & about, it’s anybody’s guess how it will dry but one thing’s for sure - the entire front of your face is a mess. On this note, your fringe will never look the same at 3pm as it did at 9am.

  • They seem to grow like the plant in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, that is to say, so quick as to defy the laws of evolution

  • If you exercise, operate machinery, or do anything that requires to have your hair tied up, you will have to accessorise with a little crown of kirby grips to keep that fringe up. And you will never be able to find those Kirby grips,

Anyway, I’ve long been a wearer of the forehead rug and I’m here to impart my wisdom, to help you avoid the down sides. My tool kit.


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 13.01.55.png

My poor tangle teezer has sat unloved in the back of the bathroom cabinet, like Weezy in in Toy Story ever since discovering my shiny new Buzz Lightyear the Kent Bristle Brush. It is so brilliant to blow dry a fringe, the perfect width and curvature. Put the brush underneath your fringe & make a rolling action, with your hairdryer on top. Carry it in your bag throughout the day and if the fringe goes haywire you can always squat under a hand dryer in the toilets and rectify the situation. I do this all the time but then I have zero shame.

Claire has confessed that only recently has she learned the secret of a Farrah Fawcett flick fringe (the ideal). ‘Had no idea before’, she says, ‘and my fringe looked shit’. It was thanks to this youtube video:

Side note: I’ve just been staring at mine lovingly and never realised it has a ROYAL crest and ‘by appointment of her Majesty the Queen’ written on it! I am posh!


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 13.12.22.png

This is the most amazing product and one of my cheapest ever. It’s constantly used on the front of my hair on set as hot sticky lights can create a ‘stuck on’ look that is not cute. I’m obviously a big fan of the batiste dry shampoo, and this powder does pretty much the same thing, but I prefer it for fringes specifically as it’s easier to control. I’d pop it in to your palm and tousle it in with vigour, rather than sprinkle it on top of your head like you’re a great big cappuccino.

I have the Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder, which costs £23 (I won it in the Liberty Beauty Lottery or I’d never spend that much) and this £3 version does exactly the same thing, if not better. Kind of like buying fancy tomato soup from Waitrose & realising Heniz is actually what you wanted.


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 13.16.40.png

This is a staple hair product as far as I’m concerned. If you can’t find it in Boots that’s because they hide it in the men’s section, charging under a fiver. Take a stroll down the aisle geared towards women & you’ll find shelves of products that do exactly the same thing (but not as well) for a tenner extra. That’s the patriarchy for you.

In general I would avoid using product in ya bangs. It’s just right at the forefront of your head, it precedes you in to a room so if you’ve got hairspray or wax or mousse (mousse has had a comeback, have we noticed this? Not sure it’s for the best but hope to investigate) on it it tends to be more obvious than when it’s mixed in with the rest of your hair.

I think this is the exception. It’s a really, really good ‘all purpose’ product. I use it right at the ends to casually part the fringe in manner of Alexa Chung. It does a good job of looking like you’re too cool to bother while obviously you’re actually secretly really worried what people think.


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 13.20.49.png

Sorry this is really too expensive isn’t it, but I’ve been looking for the right headband for ages. One that goes with a fringe, isn’t too imposing on my massive head, is comfortable and sits right. And I’ve found it. This model does not have bangs as you can see but I’m here to tell you it would look better if she did, it simply works. this is it.

They also do one with David Bowie on which I wanted to buy so much but then didn’t because I figure everyone already thinks I’m slightly deranged and I don’t necessarily want to flag it.


Please don’t cut your own fringe.
I’ve done it myself. It’s stressed me out slightly but I always think it looks fine. Then 2 months later I see the pictures.
Any salon will just be able to do it in 5 minutes. It really doesn’t matter where you go, but you must be totally specific with them. Just say ‘I want the tiniest amount off’, let them do it, then if you want more say ‘can we do a little bit more’ until it’s right for you. Let them work with the shape you’ve already got.
If you’re really a worrier Toni & Guy do it for a fiver. And for me, a fiver is a small price to pay to get it done nicely. Perhaps for an event, or celebration?

I’m on a mission to fringe the nation. They really are the bomb.

Rebecca Humphries