Best of: The Body Shop


by Claire

Have you been into The Body Shop lately? Me neither. I used to go in lots, mainly shopping there on Saturdays as a teenager. I’d douse myself in Dewberry perfume and Morello cherry lip balm, in the wistful hope that it might make someone kiss me, ideally Aaron Carter. A decade and a half later, I now spend my weekends in places likes Topps Tiles, Aaron Carter has a neck tattoo and The Body Shop seems to solely cater to Italian Tourists.

I dunno, it’s not great. Every shop feels awkwardly laid out. The staff achieve the strange feat of being both overbearing and unavailable at the same time. It’s expensive without feeling treaty. It’s not pour moi. Or toi. But but but, TBS has some bangers I’ve bought and been delighted by again and again. So, after all that scorn, here they are.

Hemp Hand Protector, £12


How naughty the whole hemp range felt when it came out (because DRUGS tee hee!). This hand cream goes beyond gimmick however, and is absolutely terrific. Great for cracked, raw winter hands with a pleasing herbal smell (nothing like skunk, and I should know having grown up in Willesden AND gone to private school)

Body Butter, £15


I once read something where a stripper explained her secret to glowing, baby soft skin to a reddit forum. That secret was baby oil gel onto wet skin straight after a shower, then TBS Body Butter. I’ve tried this, like I would try a weird recipe, and it very much works. Body butters are so synonymous with the Body Shop, I can’t imagine them ever not doing them. I really like Shea in winter, and the Pink Grapefruit one in Summer.

Camomile cleansing butter, £10


Another butter! To me this is the exact same thing as the Drunk Elephant cleansing butter (sans lil’ magnetic spoon, obvs). Gentle and gets everything off – honestly, your flannel will look like the Turin shroud after this. The eye make up remover is also very good, and has unusual efficacy as a stain remover for fabric - who knew (i was so dull)?

Makeup brushes, circa £10


The make-up brushes are very well priced, vegan & cruelty free, have pleasing chubby little handles and don’t moult. I also like that they look quite sober and neutral rather than like brightly-coloured power rangers glitter sex toys, as with some other popular mid price brands. I particularly like the buffing brush £14) for applying my beloved liquid blush.

Cooling gel Eye Mask, £6


The body shop do the above big gel eye mask thing that I keep in the fridge for hangover emergencies. There is nothing like gently resting one on your poor ringing bonce the morning after, honestly I have almost wept with gratitude on several occasions.

White Musk Perfume Oil, £16


I always, ALWAYS leave The Body Shop with a dab of White Musk on my wrists. Truly the Proust’s Madeleine of scents, it takes me back to a time where I knew the exact order or the charts at all times and could highlight a revision timetable to perfection. If they reissued White Musk bath pearls I might die of nostalgia.

Claire Rigby