Best of: Drunk Elephant

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Over the course of a month, we all change. Christ that started off philosophically didn’t it? I can practically hear the opening strain to ‘Seasons of Love’ from Rent.  

Be it the mad British weather, or my mad woman hormones, negotiating the changes in the surface and texture of my skin over the years has gone from a source of extreme frustration (as acne prone teenager) to one of curiosity & pleasure (as smooth, smug spoon-face). All the changes mean I rarely stick to products for a second go, preferring to mix it up when they run out, but when I do repurchase it feels monumental. Like they should have a glittery little plinth on my makeup table or something.

But they do have a glittery little plinth, albeit a metaphorical one called The Trowel. And it was my latest repurchase that has inspired this ‘Best of…..’ feature, where every month I round up  the best products that a brand has to offer. Starting with my new obsession: Drunk Elephant.

I started off on such a spectacular foot with vegan uber hipster neon-highlighter-pen-lidded brand DE, having purchased a product that I will continue to use for some time. Since then I basically marched in to Space NK and swiped all their products off the shelf and in to my bag à la Supermarket Sweep (IDEA FOR PROJECT: Claire & I are the new Dale Wintons and present a beauty counter version of the hit daytime show, big inflatable lipsticks etc but for some reason there are still frozen turkeys). DE is undoubtedly a beautiful brand but it is extremely expensive and frankly some products are better made/more effective elsewhere (and for less dosh) so I’ve only included those I feel are properly worth it.

The Game Changer:

C-Firma Day Serum, £67

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I’ve gone on about this before. This is, I swear, the reason I’m currently getting so many compliments about my skin. And I am. * Holds hands up defensively * Sorry bout it!

Vitamin C is the way forward, scientists told me so. I use it morning and night despite it claiming to be a daytime thing. Sue me. I’ve tried other serums but the slightly thicker, jelly-like consistency of this one is my favourite. It’s tens across the board.

*Gets her sparkly megaphone out* DON’T FORGET TO KEEP IT IN THE FRIDGE. I won’t tell you again.

The Wonder Moisturiser:

Protini Polypeptide Cream, £57

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Peptides are proteins, hence the ‘Protini’ of the name which is just protein that sounds like the Italian children’s version. This is face protein shake, and helps prevent your skin’s collagen from breaking down. Science aside it is a beautiful texture and I found it thick, nourishing and expensive feeling. And when I pay lots of money for a cream, I expect it to feel expensive *throws fur stole over shoulder, it gets caught on ceiling fan & Rebecca spins around the room*

Best Value for Money:

Slaai Makeup Melting Butter Cleanser, £29

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I’ve spent ages trying to work out how to pronounce this. ‘Sly?’ ‘Slaaah-E’? ‘Sloy?’ ah, hours of fun.

Anyway listen. This does exactly what it says on the tin, in that it has the consistency of butter and it really does melt the makeup off. I prefer a balm cleanser to a cream. It’s not, like, the nicest balm cleanser I have ever used to be totally upfront. However, there are three significant reasons why I would recommend it despite the high price point:

  1. It comes with a tiny little tube of what looks like ground black pepper, that twice a week you mix a tiny amount in with the cleanser & use to exfoliate. It is tremendous fun.

  2. The green lid is MAGNETIC and the little scoop you use to get the balm out has a MAGNET IN so you will not lose that scoopy spoon on Drunk Elephant’s watch. This is attention to detail my nerd brain lives for.

  3. It lasts for absolutely ages. I’ve used it morning and night for 3 weeks and there is still more than half left. A tiny amount goes a long way, and you can’t always say that for a cleanser.

All in all, I do actually think for a luxe product this is great value for money.

Best Retinol on the Market:

A-Passioni Retinol Cream, £62

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 09.51.49.png

There is absolutely nothing chaste sounding about ‘A-Passioni’ is there? I personally imagine it being growled by Zorro as he pulls me in to his chest, my inconceivably massive breasts heaving.

Back to reality. I’ve given up smoking, I’m vegan, I don’t do drugs and rarely drink more than 12 units a week. But bugger me, when it comes to retinol I’m ‘Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting’ levels of junkie.

I love it, I’m a total convert, it has changed my skin and assure you all it’s nothing to worry about. People get scared of going out wearing retinol, and I can understand why. We’re fed so many horror stories it’s hard to get the image of the White House in Independence Day (your face) being blown to smithereens by a massive green light (the sun’s rays).

The crux of all this is….wear it at night time. This particular retinol comes with a tiny tube (they love a bonus tiny tube at Drunk Elephant and it’s fine by me) of Vitamin B serum that allegedly enhances it. I can’t really tell the difference but it is rather nice to to mix in sometimes like a potion, when I’m feeling that little bit more Joan Collins before bed. Again, it’s a product that lasts bloody ages.

Rebecca Humphries