Best of: Fenty Beauty


by Claire

Have you heard? Heard the wonderful news? Rihanna’s eponymous make up brand, Fenty Beauty, has come to Boots. Whereas before you had to schlep to Harvey Nichols, which might as well be the bloody Outer Hebrides as far as I’m concerned, you can now daub it all on your hand in lots of (but likely not your most convenient) branches. And daub it all over we have! Honestly, I made the special trip to my nearest BIG Boots and it looked like a team of drunk toddlers had looted the place. This is exactly like when Prosecco was suddenly available absolutely everywhere and we were shrill drunks at every opportunity for the next 18 months.

Anyway. We’ve all sort of fallen for Rihanna, haven’t we? There she is peering up seductively from the rim of her sunglasses, at a premiere in a puffa jacket and lingerie, padding around a yacht spliff in hand, disembarking a private jet (nipples winking on the tarmac) wearing a see-through sequin sheath dress. She’s sexy and mysterious. Cooler than Taylor Swift, less uptight that Beyonce. She makes a lot of sense as a makeup mogul. But as anyone who's spritzed Britney Spears Fantasy all over themselves will confirm, a range cannot live off celeb alone. It has to be good. And Fenty is very very good!

And very inclusive, boasting 50 shades, which should not be such a rarity in the year of our Lord 2019, but here we are.

Here are my picks from the range. Go get dabbing.

Matchstix, £21


These are twist up makeup sticks, in gorgeous nude pink hexagonal tubes that have very pleasing magnets in them, so they all stick together. They come as either matte makeup in the full shade range (skinsticks) or shimmery bronzer/highlighter colours (shimmer stix). I have one of the skinsticks - an excellent foundation foundation/concealer hybrid type product that is always in my handbag for touch ups. I once tipsily did my full face with it in front of Becks at the pub. It’s hardy and useful and still has its lid intact despite many a bumpy ride amidst the leaky pens and old tampon wrappers.

Stunna Lip Paint pro Longwear Fluid Lip Colour, £19


This is your industrial strength liquid lipstick, and feels very similar to my beloved Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Ink. The shade ‘Uncensored’ has a built itself a reputation as a universally flattering red. I’ve gone for ‘Unattached’, which is the most gorgeous deep coral. It has a saucy pointy cone shape like a stiletto heel, which should liven up your Tesco meal deal lunch break no end.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, £16


I know, I don’t wear lip gloss either. I seem to just eat it all off within the space of 30 minutes. And my hair sticks to it. And I dunno, it’s just not my thing. But if you love lip gloss then these are the absolute best, just see the panting wide eyed reviews for evidence.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, £28


Given that she seemingly always looks like she’s stepped off the set of one of those unbearable ‘J’Adore’ adverts (would someone please just teach Charlize how to pronounce that one word in french MY GOD I do not understand why she can’t say it properly) it’s no wonder that Rihanna has given us a great highlighter. The Killawatt comes in several different shades, as either a mono or a duo set.

I think the mono ones are a bit…zany. As in bright gold, pink or silver. I am going to scuttle to the relative safety of the duo shades, which are more beiges and pinks. They look absolutely seamless when they go on, and a little goes a long way. Shine bright like a diamond! (god I’m so uncool)

Claire Rigby