A New Luxe Skincare Regime


Those of you who follow my instagram stories will notice that among the videos of my cat doing literally nothing and queries about how I can stop my plants dying there are also the odd one or two of myself at work. Meaning I have a new job. And a job comes with a pay check, and when you’re self employed that pay check is a lump sum.

When I was a pre teen, fed up of saving my pennies for a Tammy Girl vest top, I put it to my parents that I would like to have my pocket money monthly, negotiating the shit out of my income like a small, hair mascara wearing Karen Brady. Miraculously they took me seriously, and therefore unwittingly set me up with the notion that once a large sum of money comes through it’s SPENDING TIME, BITCH.

But, where once I made it rain in Tammy, now it’s Space NK that gets a good soaking come payday. And I’ve really gone to town this time, with a whole new product shelf that has paid for itself in compliments about how great my skin is looking, and that I simply had to share.

Before I start I should say I have combination skin with a slightly over oily t-zone, and was seeking out products that would:



-Eradicate the monthly hormonal outbreak quickly and efficiently

-Moisturise the hell out of me so my foundation wasn’t hoovered up instantly

And all boxes have been well and truly ticked.

TOP TIP: You will notice that all of the products listed below are from Space NK. Even if you wanted to buy one of them, I would get yourself an NDulge card (basically their Boots Advantage card). The rewards are really good, their point system works out so you essentially get a fiver off when you buy a couple of products. Worth it.


EVE LOM, £55

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 15.24.24.png

This is obviously OUTRAGEOUSLY EVEN LAUGHABLY expensive but I figured the product was much lauded for a reason. I was right, it is beautiful and probably the loveliest cleanser I’ve ever used. The colour is quite a shock; brown at first glance but on closer inspection with more complex tones of green and lurid yellow. A bit like the stains you see in the public toilets you’d only use when desperate (ones in a park, for example). But the consistency is grainy and balmy and delicious, and though the smell undoubtedly won’t be for everyone (verging on medicinal a la 8 hour cream) for me, it smells expensive and feels thick and nourishing and suitably Alexis Carrington for me. Forget the 1 measly muslin cloth - use it to wipe your sink- and get a proper flannel, I would.




Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 15.27.55.png

Oh me oh my I am obsessed with this. Earlier this year I did a podcast on science and beauty with a Professor at Cambridge and a Dermatologist, and both of them sung the praises of vitamin C for the skin. Sold. On application, this seemed and continues to seem to literally tighten me up and I live for a product I can feel working. Another top tip: keep it in the fridge, vitamin C goes off. I’m serious, my scientist friend told me.



Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 18.09.03.png

Now this is a retinol at 1% which is bloody intense as they go. Don’t be scared, I dived straight in with this as my first ever retinol product and I absolutely love it, but only go for once or twice a week at first and build it up over time. Never use more than once a day.

People (including me) are understandably a bit nervous of retinol as it makes your skin more sensitive to light, which obviously completely undermines its use as a product that reverses ageing and sun damage. My advice, then, is to wear it at night after having serummed. And if you’re using the Drunk Elephant vitamin C serum, as I am, you can actually mix them together as they boost each other which is THRILLING, like adding shot of Baileys to an already delicious chocolate milkshake.




Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 15.34.31.png

I could go on about Herbivore’s beautiful Disney Princess meets instagram branding all day long, but instead I’ll just say I use this every evening and it makes me feel like an Instagram Disney Princess. 8 drops go a long way, be sure to dampen your face before you apply & it’ll go even further (down your neck riiiiight down to the boob if you’re lucky).



Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 18.13.22.png

You should be using an spf every day anyway, but if you’re gonna piss about with retinols then it’s a no brainer. Unless you want to fry your skin ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ style.

I don’t worship at the alter of Kiehl’s like some, and am still constantly baffled & bemused by their skeleton-in-white-coat (dead scientist?) branding, but I do really like this and I really really like that there’s a great, affordable (sort of) product that is spf 50 and has a great consistency. You can wear under your regular foundation but it also acts as a tinted moisturiser of sorts; I found out that CC stands for ‘colour correcting’ so it evens skin tone out.


Rebecca Humphries