The Good Brow Guide


If a full set of luscious eyebrow are the plump, juicy, healthiest slugs in the veg patch mine are the the old sad ones you find in your shed that have died of malnourishment or being fried from the sunlight through the window. In other words, my eyebrows are a bit rubbish. I will never be an Elizabeth Taylor, a Cara Delevigne, rather a backing dancer from a 90s techno music video.

Or so I thought. Of late I decided it was time to put some actual effort in to these bad, threadbare boys. And which is more, it has genuinely worked. Hair is growing in places I never thought possible, and I’ve found a ‘grown your own’ smugness about the whole thing.

Should be said, once they start appearing there is a very real desire to absolutely run with them i.e. to let it go a la Desperate Scousewives or Animal from the Muppets. For me that’s a no no. This is to create natural looking, full brows that are a nice shape and make the whole eye area look a bit more great, that’s all. Golden rules:

-They don’t go darker than your hair

-You need to brush through them at the end so they don’t look like you’ve pritt sticked them & are about to stick yourself to a collage.

-Take a pencil or THIN pen. Rest it on the side of your nose, and so it brushes the inner corner of your eye. It should be sitting at about 1 o’clock. So your eyebrow should be touching the pencil, that’s the ideal spot for it to come to. You need to be looking in a mirror when you’re doing this by the way.

And so to work:


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 08.50.40.png

If, like me, you need a good kick start these women will set you right. For those who haven’t had threading before, think of it as a kind of cat’s cradle of searing pain. It is truly, TRULY unbearable however they always know exactly what to do for you, will shape your eyebrows as best they can, and give you advice for when they start to grow back. So it’s a bit like getting a template moving forward, simple rules that you can live by and the incentive in doing what you’re told is you never have to go through that pain again.

DON’T GO ON YOUR PERIOD. Do not. Go on. Your period. Your body is more sensitive to pain and you will suffer. Don’t just take my word for it, ask any of the Beauty Hall employees at Liberty whose shift was briefly interrupted by a scream and ‘NO I’M SORRY I CAN’T DO THIS’, followed by my haughty stomping out with one eyebrow bigger than the other.

DO NOT GO AND GET THREADED IN A SHOPPING CENTRE EITHER. You know those little chairs smack bang the middle? You will have tears streaming down your face at the exact moment your boss / nemesis / ex (maybe all three in one) saunters by.


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 08.53.46.png

Those who read the Liberty Advent diaries will know of my penchant for products that sound like Marvel Superheroes, and this is one such item.

This is like plant feed for your face, in that your eyebrow hair will obviously grow naturally if left but this speeds it up and makes it all a bit more healthy. I was extremely cynical of this product but after 2 months of consistent (when I can be arsed) use I am delighted to say it truly works a treat. It comes in a little tube like a lipgloss and you literally just swipe it on at night before bed. It’s expensive but if it’s eyebrows you want then it’s worth it.


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 08.56.08.png

I bought this in a rush and didn’t find out its proper name til just now. God they really have to clutch at straws for new product names don’t they? Those words just do not go together. Anyway this was one of those brilliant occasions where panic buying in town really paid off. I’ll not bore you with the details but essentially I had forgotten any eyebrow stuff before a big event and my usual brand wasn’t stocked in the only Boots I could find. I liked the little pot, it felt rather ‘Arabian Nights’ and it comes with a tiny brush in the lid which struck me as incredibly convenient. It is. It’s also much, much better than a pencil which is something I shan’t be going back to. A big tip would be if you’re going with a gel or cream eyebrow product, get the shade lighter than you would in a pencil as it comes out much more densely.


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 08.58.41.png

People with fuller brows can get away with the coloured version of this product for all their brow needs, but mine are too thin & patchy for that. So after using the L’Oreal, I give them a good brush through with this. It makes everything feel more natural and keeps them in place so they don’t flick out at odd angles (this genuinely does happen when your eyebrows start to grow back, sometimes they actually spout directly out of your face like they’re pointing at people).

Take the wand, brush your brows directly up then softly away from your nose.

And that’s it! It’s simple as that. As far as this list goes, other alternatives are most certainly available but these are the ones I’ve found most effective. In case these are not available to you, here are some alternatives I would also go with if necessary:

BROW STUDIOS - Shivata, Benito Brow Bar have locations across the UK. PLEASE do not get your eyebrows waxed, it’s not precise, it costs the same and mistakes happen much more frequently.

BROW GROWING SOLUTIONS - The only other I have found to work is the Blink Nourishing Brow Oil, which smells nice too.

BROW GEL - Benefit Brow Zings is very good but is just too heavy for me. Same with Becca Shadow & Light Brow Contour Mousse, although on a side note I don’t think you should be allowed to call a product a mousse that actually looks like a lovely chocolate mousse. I’ll reiterate that Glossier is really the best if your eyebrows are already where you want them to be. I happen to know Claire uses this.

Rebecca Humphries