A Gift for Him



Blokes absolutely love nice products and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Banish the Lynx Africa sets in favour of these (almost) universally pleasing gifts for the gorgeous, caring, funny men in your life. Tell ‘em the Trowel sent ya.

Molton Brown Black Pepper Shower Gel £22.00

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 14.00.49.png

A luxe shower gel is a wonderful thing for the following reasons: it will be a guaranteed upgrade from whatever shower gel has been halfheartedly tossed into the supermarket trolley. It’s low scent commitment as it washes off, unlike an aftershave/perfume, which is quite tricky to get right as the person needs to really like the smell (though this also comes in perfume form, should they love it). And it’s pepper which is EXCITING and SPICY, no? On the same spectrum as ordering a big boy vindaloo, somehow.


Geo T Trumper (£23.00 and up - you could go quite bonkers in here)

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 14.06.49.png

Reassuringly old fashioned, gorgeous packaging and fail safe colonial scents. I like ‘Extract of Limes’. If the recipient is a wet shaver, you could do much worse than one of their shaving brush, bowl and soap kits. Go nuts and get a hot towel shave voucher in their shop - if I was a bloke I think I’d be very much on board with hot towel shaving.


Aesop (Circa £20-50, depending what you get)

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 14.08.34.png

Gender neutral, po-faced Aesop was made for this situation exactly. It all smells amazing, is recognisably treaty and expensive, and no one could accuse Aesop of being effete, could they? Not that it matters, not everything has to look like a weapon just cos it’s for blokes. I’d go for one of the gift sets or a big handwash if you know he likes interiors, but honestly anything would be a nice gift, including the post poo drops if you think that would make him laugh.




Much is made of making sure that men’s products are very very MANLY and SPORTY so you find they are covered in go faster stripes and big block fonts - anything at all to make it super clear that they are not feminine in any way. I’m going to say it: it all has a whiff of homophobia about it, as if anything remotely girly might risk you looking like a big gay poof. If the person you are buying for is half intelligent they will obviously realise that this is nonsense and anyone of any gender can enjoy a delicious Ren bath oil. This is an almost sure fire smash present for anyone, in my book. Do try and make sure they have a bathtub though, particularly if they are living in a small flat or a houseshare or student halls (you get the idea).


Harris tweed herringbone box holdall (it’s a washbag. £20.00)

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 14.12.41.png

As with a new pencil case in September, a fresh wash bag at Christmas is cheering. These Harris Tweed ones are particularly pleasing, to my eye. If he travels a lot, you could also prep it with some travel stuff under 100ml in it’s own airport security friendly plastic washbag: give the gift of less admin!


Massage balls - From about £4.00 inc p&p

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 14.16.17.png

Ok, now bear with me. These are not sexy massage things - they are for gym people (A group which I am reluctantly part ot). Nothing nicer than this on sore legs and shoulders after lifting, bro.


Bath bomb - about £4

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 14.18.24.png

Fun and the best in their field, though please avoid glitter and bits and too much dye or you have to clean the tub after, cancelling out all your relaxation. Ask the very keen assistants to help you choose, they will be euphoric someone’s finally done so. I have it on good authority (Rebecca) that some men also like to let it fizz under their balls.


Merry Christmas!



Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 18.58.52.png

I just wanted to pop this one on too, as it’s very luxe and expensiiv however Tom Ford is super sexy and if your fella knows his stuff will find it very flattering that you saw this and thought of him. There may be scoffs re: ‘me, in a mud mask?!’ at first but I’m telling you you’ll catch him at it one day when you least expect.

Claire Rigby